VPN.AC Review 2019 – Fast VPN, but Some Drawbacks

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VPN.AC is a “service built by security professionals.” The company offers its services in more than 20 countries and prides itself on being faster, safer, and better.” But is this true? We took the time to compile an extensive VPN.AC review so that you can determine whether it meets your needs.

What is VPN.AC?

VPN.AC is a service provided by Netsec Interactive Solutions, which is based in Romania. When using this product, customers will find that they have access to numerous VPN protocols and encryption types, meaning they can choose the one that best fits their needs. This VPN does not have any speed limits and offers many different speed optimizations.

VPN.AC comes with a SecureProxy browser addition. The company provides DNS services that are entirely secure. Customers who purchase this product can have up to six simultaneous connections at once. The software works with devices such as:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Mac


As we went through our VPN.AC review, there were numerous features that we were impressed by.

Performance Speeds

One of the most remarkable things about VPN.AC is how fast the service runs. When using a VPN, customers can expect a bit of a slowdown. However, VPN.AC minimized how drastic this slowdown was. For instance, we tested the service with a base download rate of 97 Mbps and a base upload rate of 53 Mbps.

When we connected to a server in the Netherlands, the download rate was 90 Mbps while the upload rate was 49 Mbps. Things slowed a bit when we connected to a US server, with the download speed dropping to 58 Mbps and the upload speed to 25 Mbps. However, these rates are still much higher than what we typically see when operating on US-based VPN servers.

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Emphasis on Security

Another thing that stood out during our VPN.AC review was how much the company emphasized security. VPN.AC utilizes OpenVPN, which is the most widely-used tunneling feature for VPN service providers. The company also uses 256-bit encryption, the same standard that the United States government uses.

Furthermore, customers can choose the tunneling protocol that best meets their needs. Although OpenVPN is accepted as the best, it may not work well with specific devices. Customers can elect to use PPTP or L2TP/IPsec protocols as well.

Lastly, VPN.AC included a kill switch when designing this service. A kill switch is useful because it protects you if your connection is interrupted suddenly, closing the open portal so that hackers and other individuals cannot gain access to your information. We also did not find any DNS leaks when testing this service.

No Activity Logs

When using a VPN, customers should make sure that their provider is not tracking their data history. Many VPN providers will do this and then sell the information to marketing companies. However, VPN.AC does not do so. In its privacy policy, VPN.AC states that it will not keep any information about:

  • Emails
  • Sites you visit
  • Files you download
  • Messages you send


Although VPN.AC stood out to us as an incredible product, there are some things that we feel like are worth mentioning in our VPN.AC review.

Glitches in the Software

When using this product, we noticed that the app was quite glitchy. For instance, the app routinely told us that we were “located” in a different city than the server we just connected to. We speculated that this might be due to the use of fake server locations, but we could not verify that this was the case. Regardless of the reason, know that the platform does not operate as smoothly as it should.

Does Not Provide Access to Netflix

If you are downloading a VPN because you want access to Netflix, you should look elsewhere. When compiling our VPN.AC review, we found that Netflix blocked every one of our servers. Thus, we were utterly unable to watch Netflix when using this product. If you’re looking to watch Netflix while using a VPN, you’ll need to look for alternatives.

Pricing Info

The cost of VPN.AC depends on how often you wish to use the product. VPN.AC does not offer free plans with this service. Customers can purchase a one-month subscription for $24 and a one-year subscription for $58. The best deal is when buying a subscription for two years, which brings the total cost to $90.

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The company offers a seven-day money back guarantee on all of its plans. The only that that’s different between the plans is the price. This is noticeably different than some other VPN providers, which change which features you receive depending on how much you pay.

All Things Considered

Deciding whether to recommend this product was a tough decision for us. We found that when conducting our VPN.AC review, there was a lot to like about this service. The VPN moved at lightning-fast speeds. We also appreciated that the VPN stressed security and made it easy to switch tunneling protocols.

However, the platform itself did not operate well. It was full of glitches, which eventually grew to be quite annoying. We found it challenging to remain connected to a server, and we could not trust that the listed server was the one that we were actually connected to.

Those without experience using VPNs will likely find this product too frustrating to use on a routine basis. For that reason, we recommend looking into other VPNs.

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