Bitcoin Code Review – Scam or Legit [2020 Update]


The Bitcoin Code touts itself a powerful binary trading option, capable of earning a consistent passive income for those who invest with it. Steve McKay developed the Bitcoin Code to help traders, new and old alike capitalize on the market with his successful system. The summary of features included in the Bitcoin Code is impressive, to say the least, and the website makes lofty claims about what the tool can achieve.

However, does it stand up to the test? Our team of experts put the Bitcoin Code through its paces in our review. We assessed the reliability of its features, the veracity of the success stories behind Bitcoin Code, and the overall legitimacy of the site. In all, we walked away impressed and sure of Bitcoin Code’s legitimacy.

Overall, the Bitcoin Code earns a high recommendation from me and my team of experts. Besides being a high-quality platform for trading, the Bitcoin Code is also highly accessible. Creating an account is almost effortless, and operating good binary trading software requires a minimum of trading knowledge. We expect that the Bitcoin Code will take off as cryptocurrency grows steadily more famous. Find out why the program earned such high marks in this review.


  1. How Does Bitcoin Code Work?
  2. The Bitcoin Code: Is It Legitimate?
  3. Why Choose The Bitcoin Code?
  4. Creating An Account on The Bitcoin Code
    I. Creating Your Account
    II. Placing Your First Deposit
    III. Setting Up Your Trading Parameters
  5. What Users Have To Say
  6. The Value of Binary Trading Software

How Does The Bitcoin Code Work?

The Bitcoin Code achieves high earnings for those who’ve adopted it, but the uninitiated might find themselves asking ‘how’? The answer is quite simple. The Bitcoin Code is a first-rate example of binary trading software. Binary trading software uses a set of algorithms to assess peaks and lows in market prices. While Bitcoin Code emphasizes Bitcoin, it also serves other, major cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum ETH. There’s a large, competitive market for binary trading software for obvious reasons; making money without investing time is the dream.

The mantra in trading stocks is ‘buy low, sell high’, and binary trading software automates this process. The chief difference between software options are matters such as legitimacy, reliability, and efficiency. In all areas, the Bitcoin Code stands ahead of the pack.

The Bitcoin Code uses a business model that plays to the benefit of its founders and clients. Bitcoin Code takes a modest commission off of the profits made by users, a standard approach in the financial trading industry. Additionally, early investors in the Bitcoin Code keep a larger proportion of their earnings. Good performance, high deposits, and frequent activity entail keeping a higher share of your earnings.

It certainly all sounds quite fantastical. That’s why our team took the initiative in analyzing the program and seeing if it measures up.

The Bitcoin Code: Is It Legitimate?

After an exhaustive study, my team and I can confidently say that Bitcoin Code does deliver on its promises. We put our resources and time on the line, so we were quite happy with the result. First off, we put the software to the test and made our account. Everything worked correctly, and we began trading shortly after entering the minimum deposit. Over the next few weeks, we received our payments on time and in the correct sums.

While some anonymous individuals claim that the Bitcoin Code is a scam, a critical reading of their complaints indicates they didn’t follow instructions on how to operate the program. You can avoid this by reading up on their website, learning how to run an automated trading program, and otherwise using the resources available. If you do this, then you should be able to enjoy the perks of such an excellent automated trading platform.

Why Choose The Bitcoin Code?

There are many options for those interested in automated trading and earning a passive income. Our team saw promise in the Bitcoin Code because it claimed to have such an impressive record with regards to achieving winning trades. Most binary trading programs achieve win rates in the vicinity of 80%, or, at best, 90%. However, the Bitcoin Code boasts a tremendous rate of winning trades – 99.4%. Besides that, Bitcoin Code has a useful set of educational resources, trading tools, and advanced functionality so that you stay constantly improving.

Of course, there’s one other reason for us to give the Bitcoin Code a look, related to all the others. That is, the Bitcoin Code is one of the most popular binary trading programs. Many thousands of people have signed up and operate active accounts, and the Bitcoin Code delivers consistent high earnings to its loyal customer base. We estimate the value of their trades to date to stand in the range of millions of dollars.

The most obvious explanation for the high popularity of the Bitcoin Code is the ease of use of the program. It’s not only easy to use at the most basic level, but it also offers a wealth of advanced functionality. The Bitcoin Code has an impressive ability to identify market trends and capitalize on them. If you wish, you can tweak the settings to suit your preferences or attempt to achieve even higher earnings. There are several different high-level strategies employed by top earners with The Bitcoin Code, and this has helped bring full-time traders on board with The Bitcoin Code.

The Bitcoin Code has an impressive scope of functionality, as well. The software has the computing power to manage hundreds of transactions and trades simultaneously. On top of that, the software handles trades extremely fast. It can meet shifts in prices in a matter of moments, and we easily profited off of our initial investment. Additionally, The Bitcoin Code offers robust international services. While the initial deposit must be equal to $250, the earnings may be converted and withdrawn at favorable rates to most countries around the world. With this system of cash pay-outs, clients around the world enjoy quick, easy, and secure access to their earnings.

So, why choose the Bitcoin Code? Because bar none, it’s the most powerful option for those interested in generating a strong, passive income. It has proven results and a strong win rate, plus it’s highly friendly to beginners. Whether you’re interested in making extra money or you want to quit your day job, the Bitcoin Code is an ideal choice. All that’s left, then, was the process of starting the account.

Thankfully, this process is outright effortless. Once we set about making our account, it only took a matter of minutes to gain full access. To give you an idea of the ease of the process, we’ve outlined the steps below.

Creating An Account on The Bitcoin Code

Step 1: Creating Your Account

While you need to place a deposit to begin trading, your account itself is free. The first step is to complete the registration form by submitting standard information such as your name, an email address, and your phone number. Upon submitting all of this information, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link that allows verification of your account. Once you select this link, you’re good to go ahead and place your first deposit.

Step 2: Placing Your First Deposit

Once we finished the verification process, we enjoyed access to the account. Before we could begin trading, we had to place the first deposit of $250. That said, there are several different options with which to place your first deposit. At the time of writing, the Bitcoin Code supports four major payment options: Visa, Mastercard, GeoTrust, and PCI.

We started with a deposit of $250, the minimum amount, to test the veracity and reliability of the Bitcoin Code. However, the maximum initial deposit allowed is $15,000, and we may have gone for a larger deposit had we known about the effectiveness of the system. We recommend that you make the deposit you’re financially comfortable with.

Step 3: Setting Up Your Trading Parameters

Once we placed our first deposit, we faced a few major decisions about setting up our account. The first major decision is whether you want to use manual trading or automatic trading. While manual trading is an interesting option, we chose the vaunted automatic trading option for the purposes of our test.

Next, you’re asked to select which cryptocurrencies you want to trade. You can choose to solely trade in Bitcoin, or you can also trade coins such as Ripple XRP or Litecoin LTC. Given that the software is optimized for Bitcoin, that’s what we opted to test Bitcoin Code on.

Finally, the software asked us to place the risk level we wanted to operate upon. Risk deals solely with the settings of the automatic trading software, with higher risk entailing more aggressive trading strategies. While The Bitcoin Code is capable of reliably turning a profit from low to high risk, it may be better to play it safe at first. After all, early losses will drop you below the minimum deposit and require another deposit to raise you above the $250 threshold.

However, you can test it all out with the innovative demo system. The demo system is something like a game within the Bitcoin Code program. In essence, you get imaginary money to use on a projection of the real-world stock market, based on real-time updates. As a result, you can test out the stock market and get a grip on how to use Bitcoin Code without putting your real money on the line. Additionally, you can test different risk settings and strategies with the Bitcoin Code automated trading software.

We decided to take several trial runs in the demo with $250 of game-money. As a result, we found that eight times out of ten, we pulled a comfortable profit when running a high-risk setting. In the other two cases, we started at especially volatile moments and the first trade that Bitcoin Code made was a loss. We had to add more money to the account to cross the $250 threshold, but the automated trading software promptly corrected itself and we walked away with a profit.

When placed on the low-risk settings, it took twenty retries before it lost the first trade and we had to add more funds. Overall, we think that starting with a conservative strategy before ramping up the risk is a winning approach.

What Users Have To Say

It’s no wonder that The Bitcoin Code has attracted many users. From the lightspeed transactions to the impressive AI and robust trading tools, it was inevitable for Bitcoin Code to attract its devotees. Despite the challenges involved in the volatile, competitive cryptocurrency market, the Bitcoin Code has made many people more financially comfortable than they ever thought they’d be.

The users of the Bitcoin code are extremely diverse. Some are embattled graduate students or artists, straining under the weight of their student debts. That is, they were, before adopting Bitcoin Code and sailing into financial security. Others are high-powered brokers from Wall Street, who ditched their suit for the beach once they didn’t need their job anymore. Bitcoin Code traders come from all walks of life, and they all have their own success stories.


In my role as a Bitcoin Code user, I’m certain that the Bitcoin Code is effective. We achieved impressive gains operating with just the minimum deposit of $250. Since the business operates off of commission fees, it’s no wonder that the company prioritizes the success of its clients. At the Bitcoin Code, founders and traders share success. With millions of dollars in transactions handled thus far, there’s certainly a great deal of success to go around.

Don’t hesitate to make the next success story yours.

The Value of Bitcoin Code and Trading Software

The Bitcoin Code stands currently stands above the rest, but it’s important to appreciate the potential for innovation in the field. Binary trading software is leading the way in revolutionizing finance.

Every trader can use these trading tools

No matter how new you are to trading, anyone can use tools like The Bitcoin Code. This has the incredible effect of democratizing finance, a field that is usually unavailable to the average person. All that you need to succeed is an email account, a deposit and the will to learn.

High win ratio

Even an experienced trader can’t win every time. With the help of powerful AI tools, the Bitcoin Code and similar platforms offer great chances of consistent success. As you practice and get a deeper understanding of the tool, you’ll be able to squeeze even better performance from it.


Update 1/28/2020 – We have had a ton of great feedback for this article and we can firmly say that this product is one which you do not want to miss out on!

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