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Community development and maintenance of prefuse has moved to GitHub. Please visit this page to download the most recent version of the toolkit.

toolkit download

prefuse beta (release 2007.10.21)

 - source zip (.zip), 4.1mb

The most recent release of the toolkit. Recommended. A zip file containing the prefuse toolkit source code and a pre-compiled version of the toolkit (prefuse.jar). The code can easily be imported as an Eclipse project or built using the provided build scripts ( for UNIX/MacOS X, build.bat for Windows). See the readme file contained within the zip archive for more. Prefuse requires the Java Development Kit (JDK), version 1.4.2 or higher.

prefuse alpha (release 2006.05.26)

 - source zip (.zip), 3.0mb

The previous release of the toolkit. New users should download the beta release instead. The alpha version is still provided so that additional bug fixes may be introduced for developers who have not switched over to beta, and as a resource for users who wish to run visualizations written using the alpha framework.


user's manual ( browse online )

HTML user's manual for prefuse beta. Still under construction.

javadoc API documentation ( browse online )

API Documentation for all classes and methods in the prefuse beta toolkit. This is included in the toolkit download.