Package prefuse.visual

Classes for representing and storing VisualItems.


Interface Summary
AggregateItem VisualItem that represents an aggregation of one or more other VisualItems.
DecoratorItem VisualItem that "decorates" another VisualItem.
EdgeItem VisualItem that represents an edge in a graph.
NodeItem VisualItem that represents a node in a graph.
VisualItem Base interface for representing a visual item, a data object with a visual interactive form.
VisualTupleSet TupleSet sub-interface for TupleSet instances that contain VisualItems, Tuple instances that include visual properties.

Class Summary
AggregateTable VisualTable instance that maintains visual items representing aggregates of items.
VisualGraph A visual abstraction of a graph data structure.
VisualTable A visual abstraction of a Table data structure.
VisualTree A visual abstraction of a tree data structure.

Package prefuse.visual Description

Classes for representing and storing VisualItems. In addition to the top level VisualItem interface, NodeItem and EdgeItem provide access to an underlying graph structure, DecoratorItem represents a VisualItem "attached to" or "decorating" another VisualItem, and AggregateItem represents an aggregated collection of VisualItems.

VisualItems descend from the Tuple interface, and as such are actually object proxies for a row of a data table. This package includes the corresponding table and graph implementations, which have been tuned to the needs of the visual abstraction. More implementational machinery for these types is in the prefuse.visual.tuple package.

Copyright 2007 Regents of the University of California