Package prefuse.util.ui

Utility classes facilitating the generation and composition of user interface components.


Interface Summary
ValuedRangeModel BoundedRangeModel that additionally supports a mapping between the integer range used by interface components and a richer range of values, such as numbers or arbitrary objects.

Class Summary
BrowserLauncher Browser launcher will open a URL in an external browser on your system.
JCustomTooltip Tooltip component that allows arbitrary Swing components to be used within tooltips.
JFastLabel Swing component that acts much like a JLabel, but does not revalidate its bounds when updated, making it much faster but suitable only for use in situations where the initial bounds are sufficient.
JForcePanel Swing component for configuring the parameters of the Force functions in a given ForceSimulator.
JPrefuseApplet A convenience class for creating applets that incorporate prefuse visualizations.
JPrefuseTable Swing component that displays a prefuse Table instance in a Swing JTable component.
JPrefuseTree Swing component that displays a prefuse Tree instance in a Swing JTree component.
JRangeSlider Implements a Swing-based Range slider, which allows the user to enter a range (minimum and maximum) value.
JSearchPanel Swing component that enables keyword search over prefuse data tuples.
JToggleGroup Swing component representing a group of toggle buttons -- either checkboxes or radio buttons.
JValueSlider Swing component that contains a slider, and title label, and editable text box displaying the slider value.
PrefuseTableModel TableModel implementation that serves as an adapter between a prefuse Table instance and a JTable component.
UILib Library routines for user interface tasks.

Package prefuse.util.ui Description

Utility classes facilitating the generation and composition of user interface components. This package contains both custom user interface widgets and convenience wrappers for existing Swing widgets.

Copyright 2007 Regents of the University of California