Package prefuse.util

Utility classes for use by both the toolkit and applications, including color and font support.


Class Summary
ArrayLib Library of supplementary array routines not supported by the java.util.Arrays class.
ColorLib Library routines for processing color values.
ColorMap A color map provides a mapping from numeric values to specific colors.
DataLib Functions for processing an iterator of tuples, including the creation of arrays of particular tuple data values and summary statistics (min, max, median, mean, standard deviation).
FontLib Library maintaining a cache of fonts and other useful font computation routines.
GraphicsLib Library of useful computer graphics routines such as geometry routines for computing the intersection of different shapes and rendering methods for computing bounds and performing optimized drawing.
GraphLib Library routines for creating various Graph structures.
MathLib Library of mathematical constants and methods not included in the Math class.
PredicateChain A chain of Predicates and associated values, maintain a large if-statement structure for looking up values based on a Predicate condition.
PrefuseConfig Runtime configuration settings for the prefuse framework.
PrefuseLib General library routines used by the prefuse toolkit.
StringLib Library of utility routines pertaining to Strings.
StrokeLib Library maintaining a cache of drawing strokes and other useful stroke computation routines.
TimeLib Library routines for dealing with times and time spans.
TypeLib Library routines dealing with Java Class types.
UpdateListener Convenience listener class that implements ExpressionListener, TupleSetListener, and ComponentListener and routes all the callbacks into a generic UpdateListener.update(Object) method.

Package prefuse.util Description

Utility classes for use by both the toolkit and applications, including color and font support.

Copyright 2007 Regents of the University of California