Package prefuse.render

Interfaces and modules for rendering VisualItems into a graphics context.


Interface Summary
Renderer Interface for rendering VisualItems, providing drawing as well as location checking and bounding box routines.
RendererFactory The RendererFactory is responsible for providing the proper Renderer instance for drawing a given VisualItem.

Class Summary
AbstractShapeRenderer Abstract base class implementation of the Renderer interface for supporting the drawing of basic shapes.
AxisRenderer Renderer for drawing an axis tick mark and label.
DefaultRendererFactory Default factory implementation from which to retrieve VisualItem renderers.
EdgeRenderer Renderer that draws edges as lines connecting nodes.
ImageFactory Utility class that manages loading and storing images.
LabelRenderer Renderer that draws a label, which consists of a text string, an image, or both.
NullRenderer Renderer that does nothing, causing an item to be rendered "into the void".
PolygonRenderer Renderer for drawing a polygon, either as a closed shape, or as a series of potentially unclosed curves.
ShapeRenderer Renderer for drawing simple shapes.

Package prefuse.render Description

Interfaces and modules for rendering VisualItems into a graphics context. Renderer instances are responsible for drawing items, computing item bounds, and determining if a point lies within or without an item. RendererFactory instances, on the other hand, are used to determine which Renderer should be used for a given VisualItem.

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