Input libraries for loading data from SQL databases.


Interface Summary
DataSourceWorker.Listener Listener interface for receiving notifications about the status of a submitted data query and processing job.
SQLDataHandler Interface for taking a value in a SQL ResultSet and translating it into a Java data value for use in a prefuse Table.

Class Summary
CompositeSQLDataHandler SQLDataHandler that allows multiple handlers to be grouped together.
DatabaseDataSource Sends queries to a relational database and processes the results, storing the results in prefuse Table instances.
DataSourceWorker Worker thread that asynchronously handles a queue of jobs, with each job responsible for issuing a query and processing the results.
DataSourceWorker.Entry Stores the parameters of a data query and processing job.
DefaultSQLDataHandler Default data value handler for mapping SQL data types to Java objects.

Package Description

Input libraries for loading data from SQL databases. One can use the ConnectionFactory class to obtain an active DatabaseDataSource that can issue and process database queries both synchronously and asynchronously. Translation of database types into Java data types within prefuse data tables is handled by implementations of the SQLDataHandler interface.

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