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AbstractPredicate, AndPredicate, BooleanLiteral, ColumnExpression, ComparisonPredicate, CompositePredicate, HoverPredicate, InGroupPredicate, NotPredicate, OrPredicate, RangePredicate, SearchPredicate, StartVisiblePredicate, ValidatedPredicate, ValidEdgePredicate, VisiblePredicate, XorPredicate

public interface Predicate
extends Expression

A Predicate is a special type of Expression that carries the guarantee that the Expression.getBoolean(Tuple) method is supported. Predicates are particularly useful for issuing queries to prefuse data structures. To create a Predicate, one can either instantiate the desired Predicate instances directly, or write a parseable textual expression. The documentation for the ExpressionParser class includes a full reference for prefuse's textual expression language.

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addExpressionListener, get, getBoolean, getDouble, getFloat, getInt, getLong, getType, removeExpressionListener, visit

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