Package prefuse.controls

Control modules for incorporating interaction in prefuse Displays.


Interface Summary
Control Listener interface for processing user interface events on a Display.

Class Summary
AbstractZoomControl Abstract base class for zoom controls.
AnchorUpdateControl Follows the mouse cursor, updating the anchor parameter for any number of layout instances to match the current cursor position.
ControlAdapter Adapter class for processing prefuse interface events.
DragControl Changes a node's location when dragged on screen.
FocusControl Updates the contents of a TupleSet of focus items in response to mouse actions.
HoverActionControl Control that executes an action when the mouse passes over an item.
NeighborHighlightControl A ControlListener that sets the highlighted status (using the VisualItem.setHighlighted method) for nodes neighboring the node currently under the mouse pointer.
PanControl Pans the display, changing the viewable region of the visualization.
RotationControl Control that can be used to rotate the display.
SubtreeDragControl Control that changes the location of a whole subtree when dragged on screen.
ToolTipControl Control that enables a tooltip display for items based on mouse hover.
WheelZoomControl Zooms the display using the mouse scroll wheel, changing the scale of the viewable region.
ZoomControl Zooms the display, changing the scale of the viewable region.
ZoomingPanControl Allows users to pan over a display such that the display zooms in and out proportionally to how fast the pan is performed.
ZoomToFitControl Zooms a display such that all items within a given group will fit within the display bounds.

Package prefuse.controls Description

Control modules for incorporating interaction in prefuse Displays. Examples include clicking a node to make it the new focus, dragging nodes to change their position, and performing pan and zoom operations. To add one of these controls to a visualization, create a new instance of the desired control and register it using the Display.addControlListener(Control) method of the Display class. Custom Controls can easily be constructed by implementing the Control interface, or, more conveniently, by subclassing the ControlAdapter class.

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